Totally Eclipsed

In the late summer of 2017, Matthew Farwell and Douglas Laux set out from Dallas, Texas to Rigby, Idaho to witness the National Eclipse on 21 August 2017. Their travels were detailed by Farwell in an article for Playboy.

Walking After Midnight

In the Fall of 2018, Douglas Laux interviewed author/veteran Matthew Farwell about his forthcoming biography of Bowe Bergdahl, entitled American Cipher. On June 30, 2009, Private First Class Bowe Bergdahl left his post in eastern Afghanistan, about 25 miles from the Pakistani border. He was quickly captured by local tribesmen, who sold him up the …

An Exceptionally Clear Sky

In the fall of 2018, Douglas Laux interviewed a former West Point & USG colleague who was present in Manhattan on 9/11, shortly after leaving the military. This represented his first post military job and this is his story of the day’s events — as well as his thoughts on West Point. (Laux begins the …